Ellen Versus The Rappers: Kanye West’s Rant And Drake’s Vampire Response


Ellen DeGeneres opened her present by saying West’s wife Kim Kardashian had claimed her husband need to retain the services of a “board of directors” that would check out his tweets ahead of the “Stronger” rapper posts them. Kanye West’s most current rant leaves Ellen DeGeneres practically speechless: https://t.co/GCZYwvJZot pic.twitter.com/jseJQV3ELe But West didn’t believe it was a great notion, explaining the he has never ever regretted a single a single of his tweets. 

When asked by Ellen regardless of whether he ever regretted that he did not feel twice ahead of posting some of his preceding tweets, West responded, “What’s the point of considering?” In fact, West admitted to Ellen that he occasionally feels like Will Smith’s character in The Pursuit of Happiness.


because he has brilliant ideas that could make the human race’s existence better. And that is precisely the reason why he hit up Facebook founder Zuckerberg for $53 million, he explained to Ellen, complaining that he does not have adequate assets on his very own. “I have ideas that can make the human race existence inside of our 100 years better… period.” When asked by Ellen what were his ideas about the racial controversy at this year’s Oscars earlier this year, West explained he didn’t get the Oscars “as a joke.” “It was the second like, ‘all black actors can speak about the glass ceilings we’ve dealt with out in this town. You get your night… speak about how many occasions you’ve been blocked from being in a position to excel.'” Ellen’s face in the course of that Kanye interview is me during any Kanye anything at all pic.twitter.com/SC9QooaZkP When asked by Ellen regardless of whether he and his wife are organizing far more youngsters, West wasn’t precisely open about it. In addition, when Ellen reminded him it was her who suggested the couple name their son Saint, West appeared to have definitely no idea what Ellen was talking about. In reality, West has been active striving to use his expertise of synesthesia, which permits one particular to “see” sound. He explained to Ellen that he is working on projects that involve sonic painting. The rapper even got in touch with the CEO of Payless Sneakers and recommended that they operate together on new projects. West also admitted to Ellen that he’ll have to be the Michael Jackson of apparel to remove barriers. He referred to Jackson’s battle on MTV more than 30 many years ago. In truth, the rapper even went as far as calling himself “Wacko Kanye.”


He also apologized to daytime Television for “the realness.” In other information involving Ellen and rappers, Ellen DeGeneres produced Drake truly feel what it is like to be a Jumpman, in accordance to Time. The 58-year-outdated host scared the rapper throughout his guest physical appearance on her daytime talk show. Whilst promoting his new album titled Views and resting on the sofa, Drake acquired to be a Jumpman for a moment when a man jumped out of a box at the rapper. In truth, Drake was so scared he did the so-known as “vampire block” with his hands right after the man jumped at him. And though Ellen is popular for the scary prank she often pulls on her guests, it never gets previous! The most memorable pranks she pulled off had been on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jimmy Fallon.


But in spite of his shock and fright, Drake appeared rather relaxed during the segment of Ellen’s present called “Never Have I Ever,” which also featured Jared Leto. Throughout the game, Drake unveiled he hooked up with one particular of his supporters whilst touring and that he produced out with a particular person twice his age.


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