Kanye West edited Paul McCartney’s voice on FourFiveSeconds so considerably the Beatle did not know it was him


Sir Paul McCartney has revealed how he did not realise he was on Kanye West’s FourFiveSeconds right up until he was informed by the rapper. The Beatles legend collaborated with Kanye West and Rihanna on the hit single, but did not recognise the recording which came about from them ‘knocking around’ in the studio. Speaking to Q Magazine. 

he stated: ‘I got a phone, someone explained, “Kanye would like to operate with you.” So we just knocked about for a number of days and he recorded any little point we did. ‘In the end, I believed we’d just knocked about and chatted a good deal and I’d played a couple of things. ‘Then abruptly in the submit I get this Rihanna record and I believed it was fantastic but I had to ring up and say, “What’s this received to do with me?”. ‘Kanye said, “Well that is you on guitar.” I did not recognise it cos they’d sped it up. ‘And then there is a type of Mickey Mouse voice on the middle and that’s me. I really liked that,’ he extra. Let’s be truthful. It could have been anybody, couldn’t it? Paul even so appeared to take pleasure in his time with Mr. West, saying: ‘he’s an artist and he’s eccentric but he’s a wonderful guy. ‘It was a wonderful pleasure doing work with him. You are on your toes.’ If you fancy some new Kanye West, he lately dropped a new song from his upcoming compilation album, Cruel Winter.


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