Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Push the Robe as Summer’s Comfiest Trend


Introducing the best, most relaxed Monica Rose trend to date: Robes! Here's a swift, pro-robe argument: The silky staple's equally valuable for bed or boat lounging, and it flows very easily in the wind but also settles elegantly in air-conditioned environs. It gives off that enviable "I just rolled out of bed and into the lap of luxury" vibe, and it really is far much more swanky than a standard shirt-and-pants PJ set. What specifically constitutes a robe? 

Our definition is loose, just like the report of clothes itself. Basically, anything at all long (or short!) and light with an open front counts. It truly is basically a muumuu with even much more airflow, and it's usually left untied. Sometimes robes have lapels, but these lapels are primarily ineffective. Honestly, robes have handful of principles. You can select and select how, why, and where you wear them. In the gallery above, there is a selection of robes worn by popular girls who know opulence. Their jackets have no construction, offer small warmth, and come in knits and silks. And they are just the factor for cosplaying heiresses and social media businesswomyn!


Dress in a robe like Kendall, Gigi, and Chrissy, and you will be invited on a yacht in no time!* *This is a statistically unlikely and hugely unverified guarantee.


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