Gold Chains! Mini Yeezys!Kim Kardashian West Offers a Peek Inside Saint’s Designer Wardrobe: ‘Yeezy for Kids Is Coming Quickly!’


Not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West ‘s six-month-old son Saint is already prepped to get the style planet by storm. “Saint has so numerous wonderful designer pieces previously. ” the reality star, 35, wrote in a site submit Tuesday. “Many of them are inspired by his dad, so I consider it’s acceptable to share them with you guys throughout The Week in Kanye!” One particular of the standout pieces of the littlest West’s customized collection? A tiny black bomber jacket to match his mom’s. “My friend (and one of my makeup artists!) Joyce Bonelli ‘s boyfriend Ben has this line named Unravel. and they made Saint and me matching bombers,” Kardashian West wrote. “How cute is that!?” But of course, Saint’s wardrobe does not quit at outerwear: He already has quite the stash of fashionable accessories, too. “A gold chain just like his Kanye’s!” Kardashian West wrote alongside a photo of a big gold necklace up coming to a small, baby-sized one particular — a present she also shared on Instagram last 12 months ahead of Saint’s birth. “This infant necklace was a present from our buddies the Ridingers they received it from the legendary L.A. jewelry store XIV Karats !” She appears so scary in that lil pic on prime. Like a pale faced not too long ago possessed following gen exorcist o.O but we all know she offered her soul years in the past. It’s just age and desperation peekin by way of the photoshop I do like the aviator and bomber jackets. If I had a son, I’d want significantly less pricey (obvi) versions of them. 

The chain is tacky though, as well heavy and clunky for a small neck that is still building to assistance itself.


What’s sad is they have a son and forget all about North.


No a lot more duds for her as shes no longer information. The place in the planet does Kim & Kanye consider they dwell.


Do they honestly consider that there’s mother and father out there that can afford to dress a infant like this. Really?


It’s time for Kim to quit acting like a 14 yr old…..Truthfully, I actually believe the publish I read somewhere ( Huffington Submit I believe is the place I go through it ) about Kim Kardashian having the reading level of a 4th grader, and I actually, Truly feel this to be real ! Vomit. What a disgusting display of extra.


This woman is utterly clueless and her little ones are going to grow up entitled and useless to society.



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