Kourtney and Kim Kardashian’s physique battles continue…


We consider Kim Kardashian seems extraordinary proper now. Stepping out last week in that neon figure-hugging dress – her tiny 26 inch waist was on present for everybody to see. But in reality Kim, who gave birth to her son Saint just four months in the past, is miserable about her fat and our insiders say Kim’s become obsessed with obtaining back down to a small dimension 6 – just like her sister Kourtney. ‘Kim desires Kourtney’s entire body and it’s killing her that she can not get there,’ a loved ones buddy tells Now. ‘She’s even received photographs of Kourtney in a bikini on her fridge. 

It is so challenging for her – she hates diet regime and exercising but deep down, Kim is aware of she had the genetic potential to be as slim as Kourtney. Khloe’s transformation is driving her on also. She desires to reach that objective.’


Kim’s created no secret of her need to get back into shape, telling her followers on Snapchat last week that she was 12lb off 2010 Kim’. Because giving birth, Kim has been following a lower carb, higher protein diet regime and is exercising every single day. ‘I gained a great deal of excess weight and I have a great deal to drop,’ Kim stated in April. ‘I think the combine of [diet and exercising] will genuinely aid out this final 20 lbs fly off. I’m praying.’ But her obsession is turning into toxic – she’s even began working out with Kourtney’s trainer and is begging him for her appear. ‘Kim’s basically stolen Kourtney’s PT,’ a second insider adds. ‘They’re sharing him right now but Kim is plotting to get him all to herself. She’ll perform dirty if she has to. She thinks it is straight up unfair that Kourtney has been capable to pop out 3 children and go back to a dimension six with really tiny hard work.’ It’s not just Kourtney’s body Kim is competing with both.


In recent weeks, the sisters have started dressing similarly and our insiders admit the pair are trying to out-do every other in the MILF stakes. Our insider adds: ‘Their outfits have significantly less and much less material and they’re obsessed about who can get the most attention.


Kourtney’s starting to appear like a bondage mistress while Kim’s turning into nothing at all far more than a giant pair of boobs.


They really do not care even though – they’ll fight for that crown even if it triggers a riot.’


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