Scott Disick sees psychic to take away Kardashian ‘curse’: ‘There’s something in the water’


SCOTT Disick has witnessed a clairvoyant in attempts to remove what he’s described as the “Kardashian” curse. Scenes from the most recent episode of Retaining Up With The Kardashians has proven Kourtney Kardashian’s ex convinced “some kind of curse” has fallen upon the guys who’ve turn into romantically involved with one of Kris Jenner’s daughters. Scott Disick has witnessed a psychic to aid lift the Kardashian 'curse' [E!] “I truly feel like anybody that's dated any ladies inside her family members has gotten some kind of curse,” he mentioned in the episode. The psychic advised Kourtney Kardashian's ex to complete a ritual involving a rooster [E!] And so the 33 yr previous took Kendall Jenner along to a psychic for a tarot reading. followed by a ritual with a rooster to rid the “curse” once and for all. “I come to feel like some curse has been place on me along with a great deal of other males that I'm near with,” Scott advised the psychic.


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