Kim Kardashian Nabs Very first U.S. GQ Cover, Reveals Very same Nude Body Elements!


For its tenth annual Love, Sex and Madness issue, the magazine guarantees ‘Kim as you have never see her,’ but that would call for colonoscopy photographs at this stage so I’m afraid they are exaggerating a teeny bit. 

Kim has been teasing her followers about a ‘special project’ with provocative images on Instagram.


Shot by acclaimed style photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. at least the spread will be visually striking, regardless of featuring the physique we now know greater than our very own. Kim is featured posing in leather, fur, and lingerie, the better to connote luxury and sophistication. Do not think ‘tawdry.’ Consider ‘elegant.’ I know it’s hard, but attempt. Whereas as soon as Kim complained that she had been duped into ‘pornography’ when she appeared on the cover of W sporting only silver paint, occasions have changed. Kim has deliberately broken the Internet. and she has created it clear in a heartfelt open letter that she will not be entire body-shamed. No sir. She is a feminist who is simply expressing her sexuality, so end being imply to her. Just sit back and appreciate the landscape that is Kim Kardashian – the fleshy wonder of her entire body, the parted lips, the vacant expression, the successful electrolysis, it is all there to appreciate. Some day, when historians delve into the genesis of Kim Kardashian, they will see that it was an odd trifecta of circumstances that designed her: Her dad was the best buddy of O.J Simpson. She herself was the sidekick of Paris Hilton. And a sex tape she manufactured found its way on-line. Give in to her. Acquire the magazine.


Or view this promo from GQ, under.



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