Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Are Fighting And It's All Mainly because Of The Game


Everyone's favored actuality Tv couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may possibly be encountering difficulties in paradise, and it can be all due to the fact of The Game - particularly, his alternative to name drop Chyna in his songs not the moment, but twice. You've probably previously heard about The Game's drama-commencing Kardashian lyrics. In the song "Sauce," he raps, "I employed to f**k b*****s that Usher Raymond passed on/Then I f***ed 3 Kardashians." Classy, appropriate? He later exposed that the three Kardashians in query have been Kim. Khloe. and Rob's bride-to-be, Chyna. He was not accomplished but although. In the song "92 Bars," The Game raps, "Blac Chyna head the bomb, Al-Qaeda." Properly, according to TMZ. 

the lyrics are creating some serious tension involving Rob and Chyna, largely because Rob had no notion Chyna and The Game ever hooked up. In accordance to sources close to the couple, it freaked Rob out due to the fact The Game has invested a lot of time around his family members and he feels like Chyna must have let him know about their historical past Chyna disagreed, and so the fighting commenced. TMZ 's sources went on to claim that they had been at each and every other's throats for a while just before at some point choosing that it was genuinely The Game who they ought to the two be angry at simply because he did not warn Chyna that he was going to be rapping about her, considerably less ask for her permission.


Sounds like a mess, but here is what all people is questioning: is all this fighting about The Game going to be incorporated in their actuality demonstrate or nah?



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