Here’s Khloe Kardashian’s eight measures for trying to keep your vagina fresh.WAIT WHAT.


Hold the front page! 

Khloe Karsdash is trying her (manicured) hand at every little thing, from being the encounter of Protein Planet to presenting her controversial demonstrate ‘Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian’ to staying a typical sasspot on KUWTK - she is a busy showbizzy lady. Fancying herself as a ‘Lady Garden pro’ and to fill some gaps in her CV, the Kardashian has dished out her recommendations on ‘keeping down their fresh’ on her website.. Just in case you’re interested.


The 32-year-previous credits Glass Ben Wa Balls for trying to keep her pelvic floor muscle groups powerful.


You know the extremely balls that appeared in 50 Shades Of Grey through Ana's meal out with Christian Grey and his parents. Yeah. Khloe also credits ‘The Elvie Workout Tracker’ which is basically a Fitbit for your nunnie.


We can barely get on board with counting our measures, specially when the only workout we get is walking to and from the get the job done kitchen to get a cuppa tea. The upcoming 6 techniques are NOT okayed by the vag-professors so please copy with care! Perhaps get her sister’s lip kit as an alternative if you have penchant for all things Kardashian.


Excellent WIPES Medication Mama's VMagic Cream Shaveworks' The Amazing Correct Lotion Renew Lifestyle Greatest Flora Women's Probiotic Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash for Delicate Skin The Vajacial VAJACIAL. AS IN VAGINA - FACIAL. Halt it. What. Sounds like a recipe for thrush.



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